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Flash Animations

Flash animations have been grabbing the attention of internet surfers since 1996 by creating motion in an otherwise static world. Adobe Flash is a flexible multimedia platform that is most commonly used to created animations and interactivity. When Flash is used to create an animation it can tell a compelling story that goes beyond what a still image can deliver. You can use Flash animations to demonstrate a product, to deliver a presentation, to show a process, and so much more. Flash can incorporate pictures, video, and other animation in combination with voice-over, music, and on-screen text, or it can be as simple as converting PowerPoint presentations into Flash for smoother online delivery.

Flash animations are a cost-effective alternative to video. You can create a compelling Flash animation at a fraction of the cost of shooting and editing video. Flash animations can be incorporated into banners on your homepage or incorporated into other areas of your site. You can also put Flash animations in your CD/DVD handouts or embed them in PowerPoint and other company presentations.

Marketing your products or services with Flash animations is a great way to connect with potential customers. Software companies can show people how easy their software is to use by taking screen caps and demonstrating work flow or usability. Complex engineering stories or intricate business processes can be explained by simple flash animations.

Flash animations can be used for more than just marketing. Training applications are often created using Flash and because it integrates well with databases you can test and track the performance of trainees all within the same application. Flash training animations are great for companies whose audience is spread across the country or difficult to reach.

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