Red Label offers many different media services.

Voice-over and Script Writing

Great script writing is just one step in the Red Label process, but it is one of the most important. Most people can recognize the difference between a great movie and a horrible one. And the best special effects in the world will never save a horrible script. The same holds true for your sales and product videos, Flash animations, or online tutorials. Without a great script - your message will be unclear, and your audience will be unimpressed. Red Label has some of the best writers in the business - our team members have written everything from banner ads and product video scripts to stand-up comedy routines and feature films. As Richard Pryor said in Stir Crazy, "That's right, we BAD..."

Once you've got a great script - you need to find the perfect voice. At Red Label, we have expert ears - and we pride ourselves on finding the perfect voice that will strike just the right tone for your project. We've earned a reputation for creating exceptional scripts and finding the perfect vocals to support them.

Form a lasting bond with with Pulitzer-worthy script writing and perfectly pitched voice-overs from Red Label.

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